experts in dings, small dents, and hail damage repair

Dent Viking is the area's leader in the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process.

Paintless Dent Repair is much different than traditional dent repair.  A skilled technician uses special tools to push, stretch, and blend on the front and backside of the damaged panel. 

By using unique lighting the technician can see the very small areas of moved metal and the process is accomplished by very small calculated manipulations of the material.

Slowly the metal takes its original shape and the end result is that the panel is restored to pre-damage condition.

Does it work for all damage? Unfortunately, no.  Contact Dent Viking to qualify your dent today!


Paintless Dent Repair on Chevy Suburban Door Dings in Coeur dAlene


PDR is the optimal way to fix door dings. No need to repaint the whole panel for such a small area of damage. Keep your car looking new for a fraction of the cost.
Paintless Dent repair on Subaru Outback Fender in Spokane

Small Dents

Some larger than "ding-sized" dents can be repaired as well. If the damage is not over-stretched and the paint finish is still intact, some dents can be reshaped just like door dings.


Hail damage can drastically devalue your vehicle. PDR is the best and fastest way to repair and maintain the resell value because it's the least invasive process. No Carfax!


Many of our leads don’t qualify for PDR and end up needing a collision shop repair. Following this process helps us determine if PDR is right for you. 

Cell Phone: 208-625-9006


1. Send Photos

Please send multiple photos of dent(s) to 208-625-9006. Try to use reflection or lighting to show damage better. Also include a pic of the entire panel, so I know where the dent is generally located on the panel.

2. Send Information

Include in your message: 1) First and Last name 2) Cell phone # 3) Email address 4) Year and Model of your vehicle. Also include information about the vehicle, ie: if the panel was ever repainted before or if the panel is steel or aluminum (use magnet).

3. Estimate time!

After I collect all the info I need, I use an app to put together your estimate. Usually within 24 hours your estimate will be emailed to you along with a link to my online scheduler. There you can request a repair date and time.

Our Work


PDR is an acronym for “Paintless Dent Repair”. PDR is the repairing of door dings, minor dents and hail damage without the need to sand, grind, fill and paint the damaged panel. Instead a PDR tech uses special tools to reshape the panel in a slow and methodical way, maintaining the integrity of the paint finish.

There are a variety of factors that go into pricing out a repair. Type of metal, location of dent, size and depth of damage, etc. But on average door dings start at $100 a panel and go up from there. Most of our repairs land between $250-450. Hail damage repair is often in the multiple thousands of dollars and is almost always insurance claim worthy. 

Since moving my business onto my own private property, Dent Viking is now “By Appointment Only”.   In other words, you just need to send me a message to confirm that I am available before you stop by. Typically I can schedule you for an estimate or repair M-F 9-5 and sometimes on Saturdays. 

As of today I do “most” all my work inside my dent shop on my private property. 

JJ Honeycutt


“Dent Viking is a local, family-owned business and since 2012 we’ve been trusted by the good folks in North Idaho and Eastern Washington to provide the area with the highest quality Paintless Dent Repair. Thank you for your consideration, patronage and support!”