PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair and Dent Viking is the area leader in this highly specialized technique.  PDR is the process of tooling, flexing, and blending down on damaged metal to reshape it back to its original form.  The process involves the use of special tools and lighting.

Conventional auto body or collision repair can involve grinding, sanding, bondo, primers, and paint because your original factory paint job is damaged. A vechicle’s factory paint job is typically superior to a repaint and PDR allows you keep that factory paint intact. This usually also translates into substantial cost and time savings.  Paintless repair is in every way the superior option.

Please read the following article here: https://dentviking.com/info/how-to-get-an-estimate/. To get a ballpark estimate please send photos or video of damage: 208-625-9006 or jj@dentviking.com. Be sure to include:

  1. Full name and email
  2. Approximate size of dents
  3. Year and model of vehicle

Dent Viking’s retail shop will be opening it’s doors on April 1, 2019 and will be located at 3680 E. Covington Ave, Suite #3, Post Falls, Idaho 83854.  It’s very easy to find us, especially if you are getting off of I-90.  Just take Exit 7 – (Hwy 41 to Rathdrum) and just drive  briefly north of I-90 until you see Wendy’s.  Turn left there at Wendy’s on E. Central Ave and then turn right on Primrose Ln.  Follow Primrose to the left and it becomes Covington Ave.  Straight ahead you should see our building.  Look for the Dent Viking sign off the south side of road. We are the last suite #3 in the back.

Dent Viking is usually open Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm.  We occasionally schedule work on Saturdays as well. Because of the nature of our business we are sometimes servicing customers on site and are not available at the shop during those times. Please call or text us to ensure we are open before heading in for an estimate.

Dent Viking still does on-site mobile work.  We service a number of body shops and dealerships and continue to provide them services at their locations.  Mobile work provided for retail customers will be limited and is usually subject to a $40 mobile fee.

Paintless Dent Repair typically ends up being much more cost effective than conventional repairs. Dent Viking’s prices start at $90 and go up from there. Prices widely vary because every job is different. Some of the variables that are considered when we estimate your vehicle are:

  1. Year, Make, Model
  2. Circumference and depth of dent
  3. Location of dent on panel
  4. What panel on vehicle is affected
  5. How much R&I is required (removal of plastic panels, headliners, headliner, or entire panel)
  6. Panel difficulties (Style lines/body lines, panel edges, limited access)

PDR is ideal for small to medium sized damage on a panel where access to the backside of the panel can be easily achieved. Paint damage of any kind can greatly impact the ability of a PDR repair to be achieved.

Larger damage can be repaired in certain situations.  The vehicle typically needs to be no more than 10-15 years old. PDR requires a great deal of stretching and blending and the older the metal and the paint, the less flex it has.  Older cars tend to have much stouter metal and if they are repairable, they tend to be more expensive.

Absolutely not. The PDR process repairs the damaged metal without disturbing the finish. There is no painting involved and thus no Carfax report either.

A PDR repair is typically done in hours not days. Same day repairs can be scheduled and even done while you wait. Most folks find it easiest to drop the vehicle off in the morning and pick it up in the evening.

The PDR process can be used to repair bumpers as long as the bumper is made of plastic. If the bumper is chrome or steel it is always too thick and stout to be flexed back into shape.

We have a waiting lobby where you can relax and wait while your vehicle is being repaired. Please let us know if you intend to wait in order for us to slate your vehicle as a priority for the day.  Also the shop is conveniently located within a mile of over a dozen restaurants, coffee shops, and stores.  Many of these are just a block or two away.

If there is small scratching in the area of the dent, it can be polished. If the damage is severe, a detailer who is skilled in scratch removal and paint correction is recommended.

PDR is the ideal repair method for hail damage when the hail has not broken the exterior finish.

Most repairs usually fall below the average insurance deductible and insurance is rarely used, but it can be if so desired. Larger repairs like hail damaged vehicles are typically insurance claims, and because hail storms are considered “Acts of God”, the repair should not effect your policy.

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