How To Get An Estimate


Getting an estimate is very simple with Dent Viking. Not only that, it’s free. The quickest and easiest way to get an estimate is to visit us at our shop in Post Falls, Idaho.  Swing in and get a quote in minutes!

Its very easy to find us.  We are located at 3680 E. Covington Ave #3, Post Falls, Idaho 83854  (Just north of I-90 off Exit 7).  We are the last unit on the left.  Just pull up right in front of the shop door.

To get a quick ballpark quote I need just a little bit of information, mainly what the damage looks like.

So you can either send me photos (or even video for that matter) to either my cell: 208-625-9006 or to my email:

Please provide this basic information with your photos:

  1. Full name and email address
  2. Approximate size of damage in inches
  3. Year and model of vehicle

Also, other additional information would be helpful like:

    1. Is your paint factory or has it been repainted?
    2. Is the paint cracked or broken?
    3. Personal vehicle or fleet/business vehicle
    4. Is this an insurance claim or out-of-pocket?
    5. If insurance, what is your deductible?

Once I receive at least the basic information and once I have had enough time to examine the photos I will input that info into an estimating application and email your estimate shortly after. I will also provide you an estimated time needed to repair your vehicle.

Things to consider:

  1. All estimates are tentative until I have seen the vehicle in person. Many times the extent of the damage isn’t visible enough in a photograph to give an accurate estimate.
  2. When photographing your damage it is best not to do it in direct sunlight. Getting a good reflection on the damaged panel is best. Video works excellent for this.
  3. Every repair is different and thus my estimates can differ. My estimating platform considers the damage size and depth, panel and location on panel, if damage is near edges or body/style lines, steel/aluminum, factory or repaint, age of metal and paint, and also the various challenges that each individual Make and Model of vehicle presents

Thank you for considering Dent Viking, the leader in the Inland Northwest for Paintless Dent Repair.

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