How To Prepare Your Car to Sell Fast

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Step 1. Clean it up.

That’s literally the best way to get your used car or truck ready to sell and to sell fast. First impressions are important when a potential buyer is looking over your vehicle. If their first glance is of a dirty, scratched up, stinky mess with dents all over it… you are immediately put at a disadvantage when negotiating.

Common sense tells us that a clean car has been well cared for, driven responsibly, and given proper amounts of TLC under your ownership. A beat up looking car tells the potential buyer that you cared very little for it’s overall condition (cosmetically AND mechanically). In other words a yucky looking car has a greater chance of being a lemon, and nobody wants to buy a lemon.

Where to Start:

So where should a car seller start in this “clean up” process? With fixing the dings and dents of course! Straight body panels, free of dings and dents, tells the customer that you cared about your vehicle! And lets face it: Nobody wants to buy a new-to-them car when it looks like its been driven through a hail storm.

Paintless dent repair is an ideal option for the seller because you can usually get multiple panels of small to medium (and sometimes even large) damage repaired at a much lower cost than having the car repainted.

After you’ve straightened out that body damage be sure to take it to a good detailer for a cut and polish, touchup paint, and maybe even a nice wax or spray coating to make it pop. Don’t forget the inside of the vehicle as well. Detail the entire inside, deodorize, and make it seem as pleasant of an driving environment as possible. (***ask us about who we recommend for detailing***)

In Conclusion:

The money you spend on reconditioning your vehicle will be money you will get back out of it. And again, you will get that car sold much faster.

So send photos of your dents to Dent Viking 2086259006 to qualify your damage for PDR and to get a ballpark quote. Or better yet just swing in and have Dent Viking write up a quick and free estimate! 3680 E. Covington Ave, #3, Post Falls, Idaho 83854

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