September 16, 2022

Local and Trusted

For over a decade, the good folks of the Inland Northwest have trusted their vehicles’ paintless dent repairs with Post Fall’s very own “Dent Viking”.  Dent Viking has built their reputation on trust, value, and quality of service. 

Since the hail storm in August, there have been an influx of technicians from all over the world that are actively marketing for your business. Dent Viking will not speak to their quality and value (or their sometimes less-than-legal tactics), but will rather stand on our own reputation as a local business who are experts in our field.

Consumers have the right to decide what shop to repair their vehicles in. Your insurance company will oftentimes try to  steer the customer towards a preferred shop, but the final decision is always at the customer’s discretion.  Dent Viking stands behind our repair quality and hopes to be the customer’s preferred destination for hail damage Paintless Dent Repair.

What separates us from the out-of-town techs?

First, Dent Viking is a local company with a brick-and-mortar shop. Your vehicle is worked on inside in ideal lighting and conditions.  The shops are easy to find and are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Drop-ins are welcome for estimates. The waiting area is comfortable with complimentary beverages while your hail assessment is conducted.

Second, not only are the Dent Viking shops local, we live here too:

“My children were born in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. My oldest son goes to my alma mater, Eastern Washington University, and also operates his own business in North Spokane. We love this area and the people in it.  We work hard to keep our customers happy because our customers are also our friends and neighbors.” J.J. Honeycutt – Owner/Technician

Dent Viking are master technicians and have been serving the good folks of this area with the highest quality Paintless Dent Repair since 2012. The 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google can attest to the many happy customers Dent Viking has serviced locally for over a decade.  Rest assured that you can trust your hail repair with Dent Viking.

We were here before the storm and we will continue to be here long after these out-of-town businesses pack up their tents and tools, close out their short-term shop leases, and head back to their home states and countries. Please shop locally if you can.  J.J. Honeycutt -Owner/Technican

Our New Expansion Shop Details

Dent Viking’s secondary shop was opened just a few blocks from the main retail shop in Post Falls.  You can easily find it at 3325 E. Quad Park Ct. #101, Post Falls, ID 83854.  It’s a short drive to Post Falls, but it’s worth the trip!  Please feel free to drop in during business hours for your free hail assessment.

Are you a previous customer?

The only thing I will admit that my competitors best me at is asking for referrals and reviews. If you are a previous customer of Dent Viking and can spare a few minutes of your time, we would appreciate your feedback. Telling your family and friends about your experience is incredibly helpful to our business. Spending the time to write a short testimonial on Google or Facebook can dramatically benefit Dent Viking. Thank you a thousand times over for being willing to do that.

Here is our review link: https://dentviking.com/review