Nissan Altima Dent Repair Post Falls, Idaho

Had a 2013 Nissan Altima in the shop last week with a complex repair in the left rear 1/4 panel. As you can see from the video and photos in the post here, the damage had many “difficulty factors” and was extremely challenging due to those factors.

What are “difficulty factors” you may ask? They are any obstacle that increases the difficulty level of a basic paintless dent repair. These factors can decrease the the likelihood for a clean repair and increase the time and energy needed for the repair. Difficulty Factors include:

  • Damage near or on panel edge
  • Damage near or on body lines/ style lines
  • Deep overstretched metal
  • Aluminum or High Strength Steel
  • Obstructed access
  • Broken paint
  • Glue pull only (no access to backside of skin)
  • Creases or sharpness in bottom of dent
  • Repainted finish – Filler/Bondo
  • Difficult R&I
  • Buckled or crowned metal

This particular repair had quite a few of these factors to include multiple horizontal creases, damage on edge and body line (wheel well style line), limited access due to 1/4 shape and gas fill door. Luckily the metal on these particular Nissans respond well to glue pulling and that allowed me to shallow the damage before I started pushing with a tool.

Although this dent didn’t come out perfect, it did look much much better as you can see from the video/photos. This is the type of repair that can sometimes be done with the paintless dent removal method.

Please contact me for questions regarding this repair or a repair you may be interested in having me take a look at. Please just forward photos of your car dent to either 2086259006 or

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