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Repair Photos page w/ Paintless Dent Repair on Ford Raptor Rear Door in Liberty Lake

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired?

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired? Answer: Contrary to what some folks believe, dents that occur on car lines (body lines, contour lines, style lines, etc) can…

New Shop Coming Soon

Dent Viking has been working 100% mobile for almost a year now but starting April 1st we will be back in a shop. Our new shop will be located just…
Paintless dent repair

Dent Repair in Spokane, WA


The good news is that we provide a mobile service to Eastern Washington residents and businesses! So don’t settle for anything but the highest quality in auto body repair of the paintless variety: Dent Viking.

Sharp Dent on Ford F250 Tailgate

Here is a small but sharp dent on a tailgate of a new all aluminum Ford F-250. Very easy to access this dent but pushing on aluminum can be a…
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