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Repair Photos page w/ Paintless Dent Repair on Ford Raptor Rear Door in Liberty Lake

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired?

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired? Answer: Contrary to what some folks believe, dents that occur on car lines (body lines, contour lines, style lines, etc) can…
Paintless Dent Repair on Chevrolet Equinox QPanel in Spokane

Gaining Access to Dents for PDR


Gaining access to dents for PDR is one of the many interesting, and sometimes challenging, aspects of this trade. In this article, I will briefly describe the basics of a PDR repair, how a PDR technician approaches the repair, and how access to the dent is achieved.

Body Shops Spokane

Before the Body Shop, Visit the Viking


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is much different than traditional body work. A conventional paint repair in a body shop either 1) replaces the damaged panel or they 2) reshape the panel with special tools, fill the remaining low with a filler, sand the panel, prep it, and then repaint it all.

New Shop Coming Soon

Dent Viking has been working 100% mobile for almost a year now but starting April 1st we will be back in a shop. Our new shop will be located just…
Paintless dent repair

Dent Repair in Spokane, WA


The good news is that we provide a mobile service to Eastern Washington residents and businesses! So don’t settle for anything but the highest quality in auto body repair of the paintless variety: Dent Viking.

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