Repair Photos page w/ Paintless Dent Repair on Ford Raptor Rear Door in Liberty Lake

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired?

Can Dents on a Car Body Line Be Repaired? Answer: Contrary to what some folks believe, dents that occur on car lines (body lines, contour lines, style lines, etc) can…
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Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is much different than traditional body work. A conventional paint repair in a body shop either 1) replaces the damaged panel or they 2) reshape the panel with special tools, fill the remaining low with a filler, sand the panel, prep it, and then repaint it all.

Recent Repairs – Sharp Dents


Sharp dents can be repaired with the PDR process by a qualified and experienced technician. Here are some examples of recent repairs that have come through the shop. Have a sharp dent and not sure if it’s a good candidate for PDR? Just text photos to 2086259006 or better yet swing by the shop!

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How To Prepare Your Car to Sell Fast

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